Many employers and schools in Missoula, Eureka, Thompson Falls, and surrounding Montana communities require physicals before starting. This often helps an employer determine if an employee is fit enough to do the required job. For schools, it shows that students are in good enough health to participate in physical activities. This routine exam, which can be performed at MedNorth Urgent Care, usually includes an overall checkup on an individual’s health. Physicals are performed in one of our private treatment rooms, and we utilize the latest technology to give you the most accurate results possible. If you or your child are in need of a physical before starting a new job or school year, contact Drs. Shane Hill and Scott Rundle in Kalispell, MT.


While many employers, schools, and sports programs have different physical requirements, they generally include the same type of testing that can be performed at our Kalispell, MT clinic. Medical history, family history, lifestyle and habits, and more will be discussed. Typically, we’ll check your vitals (pulse, blood pressure, weight, height, etc.), test lung function, the strength of your muscles, reflexes, balance, flexibility, joints, and more. After completing your physical, we will fill out any necessary paperwork for you to return to your employer or child’s school.


How do I prepare for a physical?

Patients should have a general knowledge of their health and family history before their scheduled physical. Our providers at MedNorth Urgent Care may also ask about prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, previous immunizations, allergies, or current symptoms if relevant. If you haven’t seen us before, it’s best to bring in your insurance card and a form of identification to your appointment.

What happens if you detect a health issue?

It’s important to remember that the purpose of a physical is to detect and prevent illnesses that impact your health and quality of life. Our providers will carefully listen to your concerns, review your history, and perform an appropriate exam based on your age and needs. If we diagnose or suspect you have a health issue on-site, we can provide treatment options moving forward.

Do I require a physical every year?

We recommend patients receive a physical once a year to stay on top of their health. Patients showing symptoms of illness should seek immediate medical attention instead of waiting for their next appointment. If you’re due for an employee or school physical and have any concerns, give us a call in Kalispell, MT. We’re happy to help!


If you need a physical for a new job or your child needs a physical for school or an upcoming sports season, we encourage you to visit Drs. Shane Hill and Scott Rundle at MedNorth Urgent Care. At our modern and upscale medical facility, we offer a wide range of physical examinations so you or your child can begin a new adventure. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can get you in and out of our office as soon as possible. For more information, contact or stop by our Kalispell, MT office today.