There are a number of reasons a person may need a foreign object removed from their body. Defined as anything that is not meant to be in the body, foreign objects include splinters, toys, insects, coins, and a number of other small items. Some of these items could cause harm to the body or an individual if they become stuck. At MedNorth Urgent Care, Dr. Shane Hill, Dr. Scott Rundle, and our experienced medical staff have experience removing foreign objects from the ears, nose, under the skin, or other areas of the body of their Columbia Falls, Whitefish, and Eureka, MT patients. Whether it seems bothersome or not, foreign objects should always be evaluated by a medical professional so we can make sure it’s not going to harm you or your loved one. If you or a family member has a foreign object somewhere in or under the skin, visit our Kalispell, MT office for quick and efficient service.


If something gets stuck in your or your child’s nose, ear, or under the skin, your safest bet is to visit a medical professional rather than trying to remove it yourself. Our team is skilled in object removal, and even if it seems easy and safe enough, improperly removing an object from the body could cause damage and/or infection. At our Kalispell, MT office, we use the latest tools and technologies so we can help you find comfort rather quickly. Before we remove the object, we will review your situation so we can create the best treatment plan possible. This could include an x-ray, which can be done inside our office. From there, we’ll remove the item, then clean the area and check for signs of damage or infection. We may provide follow-up instructions, like cleaning suggestions or things to watch for in the coming days, or we may refer you to another medical professional.


When should I go to the doctor to have a foreign object removed?

The most common indicators you need to seek medical help for a foreign object are:

  • A child is choking, cannot breathe, and/or is turning blue
  • Foreign body is stuck in the eye
  • Foreign body is restricting the airway and breathing
  • Foreign body is large or sharp
  • Object does not come out easily
  • Puncture is very deep
  • The wound is very dirty
  • Puncture went through a shoe

What are the most common ways foreign objects enter the body?

The most common ways a foreign object can enter the body are: inhaled, alimentary tract (swallowed), punctured into the skin or eye, or entered into the nose, ear, anus, or vagina.

When should I NOT remove a foreign body?

If the foreign body is large or deeply embedded, sometimes removing it can cause substantial blood loss. Also, if the object is in your eye or ear, trying to remove it may cause more damage. In general, if the object is large, deep, or refusing to budge, you should not try to remove it and instead seek medical help.


We’ve all heard of a child getting a coin or toy stuck in their nose or elsewhere. While it doesn’t seem like a big deal, if not carefully addressed by a medical professional, it could cause damage or lead to infection. At MedNorth Urgent Care, we treat men, women, and children who get a foreign object stuck in areas, such as the nose, ear, or under the skin. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Drs. Shane Hill and Scott Rundle and their medical staff can help safely and effectively remove foreign objects from the body. If you or your child find yourself in need of help, feel free to visit our Kalispell, MT office.