A black eye is a noticeable condition of physical impact to the eye that can occur for many reasons, including an accident, a physical assault, or contact during a sporting event. While the issue can be easy to spot and often goes away on its own, it could become serious in some situations. If you experience a black eye that remains for too long or isn’t responding to treatments, Drs. Shane Hill and Scott Rundle at MedNorth Urgent Care in Kalispell, MT can find a treatment for many minor eye injuries to relieve your pain.

Understanding a black eye

A black eye occurs when the skin around the eye experiences excess pressure, usually from physical force. You may experience bleeding under the skin around the eye, which causes the dark appearance associated with a black eye. You may also notice some soreness in the area as your eye recovers from the intense stress it experienced.

What else can happen with a black eye?

A black eye could also be a sign of a more severe injury, as the thin bones around the eye could be fractured. The fracture could hurt your eye and cause vision problems like blurring or double vision. You may also feel intense pain around the eye, as the bone fracture might interfere with some nerves or other tissues. You may also have difficulty trying to move one or both eyes.

Other serious concerns include cases where blood is visible in the whites of your eyes, your eye is slightly bulging from the socket, or the pupil looks different than usual. Some conditions can also cause bruising around the other eye, as the fracture or damage could spread to the thin tissues around that eye.

What can we do to treat your injury?

You’ll require immediate care if your black eye causes serious problems and isn’t going away on its own. Drs. Hill and Rundle at MedNorth Urgent Care can complete a full analysis of your eye and determine if there is any damage to the area or if there’s a foreign object in the way. We can treat the damage as necessary, and we will provide guidance on how to help you heal at home.

Cold compresses can help after the initial injury to keep swelling down, while warm-hot compresses can work for a few days after the swelling stops. We can provide details on what is necessary for your eyes to keep your black eye from becoming worse.

We can also refer you to a specialist for any serious concerns that require further treatment. You can also consult your ophthalmologist for a follow-up visit if necessary.

Contact us today for help with your minor eye injuries

A black eye can be distracting, but if your condition is lingering and does not subside with home care, you should contact a medical professional as soon as possible. You’ll likely require treatment to improve the recovery process and prevent possible harm to your vision. Contact Drs. Shane Hill and Scott Rundle at MedNorth Urgent Care in Kalispell, MT today to learn how we can help. We are open seven days a week for your convenience, so get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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