If you start to experience or think you may be experiencing pregnancy complications, it can be a very scary experience — particularly if it’s after hours and your OB/GYN is not available. At MedNorth Urgent Care, we are equipped to treat a number of pregnancy emergencies. Dr. Shane Hill and Dr. Scott Rundle, parents themselves, understand the urgency in which these matters should be addressed and use state-of-the-art technologies and the latest practices to diagnose and treat any complications. Our on-site lab and testing station allows us the ability to run tests and get results back quickly, getting you the answers you need as soon as possible. Rest assured that if it’s after hours and you need medical help for your pregnancy, our Kalispell, MT team is here to get you the answers you need.


When you visit our Kalispell, MT office, we will first begin by asking if you’re experiencing any symptoms, such as going unconscious, severe vaginal bleeding, extreme pain, or fainting. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as these, we will likely have you escorted to the nearest emergency room. If not, we will begin by discussing your medical history, previous pregnancies, and the symptoms you’re experiencing. To get the most accurate answers, we will likely perform a pelvic exam to determine if you are bleeding, if your cervix is open, or if there is pain and/or tenderness in your ovaries or fallopian tubes. It’s also possible that we’ll perform a sonogram to detect your baby’s heartbeat and draw blood to determine your HCG levels. Unfortunately, if it’s determined that you are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage, there is no way to stop them from happening. Proper care at this stage, however, can make a difference in the success of pregnancies in the future.


What are common minor pregnancy complaints?
Throughout your pregnancy, your body will undergo major changes and may set off some alarms in your mind. Some common changes you can predict might include constipation, cramps, and heartburn. You may also experience incontinence and bloating throughout the later months of your pregnancy.

When should I seek care?
If you are pregnant and become distressed over an abnormal symptom, your OBGYN may be able to guide you to the appropriate realm of treatment. However, you may not always have access to your normal clinic. MedNorth Kalispell Urgent Care Clinic is happy to assist in the meantime, as we can gather your symptoms and help you make an informed decision about the level of care to pursue based on your symptoms.

What are some more serious concerns?
There are some symptoms that are more serious. If you experience blurred vision accompanied by headaches or migraines, high fever, abdominal pain, or vaginal bleeding, you should skip urgent care and go straight to the emergency room. Call MedNorth Urgent Care Clinic if you have any questions about the severity of your symptoms before being seen.


MedNorth Urgent Care offers compassionate care for women in Eureka, Missoula, Columbia Falls, and surrounding Montana communities when experiencing pregnancy complaints. Pregnancy can be an emotional experience, and it can be frightening when you believe you may be experiencing a complication. Drs. Shane Hill and Scott Rundle and their team of medical experts are able to help you when you believe you may be experiencing an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. We encourage you to seek out help at the first sign of this. Our Kalispell, MT office is fully equipped with private exam rooms, state-of-the-art technologies, on-site laboratories, and more to get you the answers you need as soon as possible.