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When you or a family member is experiencing an urgent medical issue, you want fast and experienced medical care. That's why at MedNorth Urgent Care, Dr. Shane Hill and Dr. Scott Rundle, along with their skilled team, offer urgent care for a variety of health issues including breathing problems, minor abdominal pain, allergy problems, pregnancy issues, immunizations, and more. If you're in Kalispell, MT, or nearby, and need quick, capable medical care, contact us today to schedule an appointment. At MedNorth Urgent Care, your health is our number one priority.

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Minor abdominal pain can be the result of a wide variety of issues, but seeking out help when you are unaware of the cause is vital to finding relief.

If you have pain while urinating, a constant urge to go, or get up a lot to go to the bathroom at night, it could be a sign of a bladder issue.

Labored breathing, wheezing, pain in the chest, shortness of breath, asthma attacks, and other breathing difficulties should be addressed right away.

Dehydration can leave you with a headache and feeling sluggish, but it could also cause damage to the kidneys, heart, and brain if left untreated.

Sore throat, chest congestion, sinus pain, and more can leave you feeling unwell. Relief is available with testing, antibiotics, and other treatments.

Hypertension can become a potentially serious medical condition, causing stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, and more if left untreated.

When pregnancy emergencies, such as miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies, arise unexpectedly, it's important to get compassionate, effective care.

Sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, running nose, and swelling are signs of an allergic reaction that may need medical attention to obtain relief.

Rashes can develop anywhere on the skin and cause irritations, such as itching, redness, bumpiness, and burning, and could be spread if not treated.

Upper respiratory and urinary tract infections are common illnesses that can leave you feeling unwell and even in pain until treated with antibiotics.

An annual flu shot can protect you during flu season by reducing symptoms and severity or perhaps preventing you from getting it all together.

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