MedNorth Urgent Care is thrilled to be your family’s health provider, and we cover a wide range of common (and not-so-common) complaints so you and your loved ones can lead your best lives. One of the most prevalent avenues for unhappiness is infection, which can strike in many areas and for many reasons, including bacteria and viruses.

One of these infections we frequently deal with is urinary tract infections or UTIs. Urinary health is taken for granted when everything is going well. But when an ailment arises, it’s quickly evident how it can impact our daily comfort. As such, it’s essential to recognize the signs of a UTI, so you can take quick action to find fast-acting relief and avert a more severe complication.

Dr. Shane Hill and Dr. Scott Rundle implore those in the Kalispell, MT area to get in touch if they experience painful urination, more frequent urination, bloody, cloudy, or strong-smelling urine, which may accompany abdominal or pelvic pain along with fever, nausea, or vomiting.

Know the signs that you may have a urinary tract infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infections produce numerous symptoms typically experienced while urinating. These symptoms include a burning sensation while urinating or the need to urinate more often than usual. Additionally, one’s urine may begin to look cloudy or bloody. It may also produce an unusual or odorous smell.

If you’re experiencing any of those effects, it’s crucial that you seek treatment as soon as possible because the infection may spread to the kidneys and become more severe. If it does spread to the kidneys, other, more systemic symptoms may develop, including fever, back pain, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.

What are my treatment options if I have a UTI?

We can get you back to your daily best with a tailored treatment plan based on your specific needs. We begin with a urinalysis, which checks the urine for diverse substances, such as bacteria, blood cells, and nitrates.

And while the particular treatment regimen depends on the severity of the UTI, these cases can generally be resolved through a regimen of antibiotics. Therefore, patients won’t have to undergo any complicated procedures or suffer downtime, meaning there’s no reason to be anxious or to hesitate if you’re suffering the ill effects of a UTI.

Get UTI relief as soon as possible in Kalispell, MT

Living life with a urinary tract infection can be a real struggle. The discomfort while going to the bathroom, frequent urination, and other consequences can drain our energy and time, making it impossible to excel at school, work, or anywhere else.

Additionally, if left untreated, a UTI can cause further woe if it spreads to the kidneys. So, if you’ve experienced any of the symptoms listed above, it’s integral that you get in touch with our physicians today. Dr. Shane Hill and Dr. Scott Rundle can get you feeling better sooner rather than later.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to pursue timely treatment at MedNorth Urgent Care in Kalispell, MT.

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