When Should I Have an ECG Test?

Dr. Shane Hill | 09/24/2022

Individuals with chronic illness, certain symptoms, or a family history of heart disease should pursue an ECG test.


What Should be Done Immediately After a Burn Injury?

Dr. Shane Hill | 08/13/2022

Right after a burn, you should apply cool water for 20 minutes, followed by antibacterial cream, and then cover it with sterilized gauze.


Can Smoking Cause Breathing Problems?

Dr. Shane Hill | 07/12/2022

Smokers may have breathing difficulties like coughing and shortness of breath. Speak with a primary care doctor about treatment options for smoking.


How Serious Is a Black Eye Caused By Injury?

Dr. Shane Hill | 06/21/2022

You could experience a bone fracture or excess bleeding following a black eye, but an urgent care clinic in Kalispell can treat the issue.


How Early Can My Kid See the Doctor for a School Physical?

Dr. Shane Hill | 05/24/2022

A school physical can help your child stay safe while they are at school. Find out when your child should get a physical and how often here.


Four Signs You Have a Sinus Infection

Dr. Shane Hill | 04/26/2022

A sinus infection can cause headaches, unusual feelings in the nose, or a low-grade fever.


How Can I Tell if my Wound is Infected?

Dr. Shane Hill | 03/17/2022

There are many key signs and symptoms you should look for to identify an infected wound. Keep reading to learn more.


What Does an ECG Test Determine?

Dr. Shane Hill | 02/07/2022

An ECG can detect an abnormal heart rhythm and other issues. Learn the details of electrocardiograms and how these tests improve your heart health.


What Health Issues Are Related to Untreated High Blood Pressure?

Dr. Shane Hill | 01/11/2022

High blood pressure (hypertension) can increase your risk of heart disease and other conditions. Learn how blood pressure levels impact your health.


When Should You Seek Medical Help For A Sports Injury?

Dr. Shane Hill | 12/31/2021

Know the signs and symptoms that may mean you or your child should visit your nearest urgent care for a sports injury.


Why Are ECG Tests Performed?

Dr. Shane Hill | 11/18/2021

What does an ECG look for, why is it performed, and who needs one? Find all the answers here.


What Could Be Causing Your Breathing Issues?

Dr. Shane Hill | 10/16/2021

Discover what may be causing your breathing problems, and find out what breathing symptoms may mean you should visit your nearest urgent care.


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