High blood pressure (hypertension) is a health problem that can lead to serious complications, like heart disease, heart failure, stroke, or kidney failure if left untreated. This is why it’s important to work alongside trusted healthcare professionals in Kalispell, MT to ensure your blood pressure levels are under control.

Want to take steps to enhance your health? MedNorth Urgent Care may recommend medications as well as simple lifestyle modifications. In this blog post, Dr. Shane Hill and Dr. Scott Rundle will take a look at some common health issues related to untreated high blood pressure and how to successfully move forward with treatment.

What causes high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is mainly the result of a person’s lifestyle choices, such as poor diet and lack of exercise. However, genetics can also contribute to a higher-than-normal blood pressure reading. If you have a parent or grandparent with hypertension, then your risk for developing hypertension increases. It’s best to schedule annual exams with a doctor in Kalispell, MT to identify and treat high blood pressure as early as possible.

How is hypertension diagnosed?

A simple blood pressure test can diagnose high blood pressure. These machines are widely available in drugstores, but it’s best to visit your doctor for an official reading. Our machines are calibrated specifically for medical use, and they’re more accurate than consumer versions. MedNorth Urgent Care staff members can also conduct a medical history to assess your condition and make recommendations as needed.

What happens if I leave high blood pressure untreated?

High blood pressure can damage arteries and blood vessels, causing them to weaken or become clogged over time. Your heart has to work harder as a result, and your organs may not be getting vital blood flow to function properly. This can lead to issues, such as:

  • Heart disease or heart failure: Arteries damaged by high blood pressure have trouble supplying blood to the heart

  • Stroke: Clots in the arteries may lead to your brain, blocking blood flow and causing a stroke

  • Kidney damage: Blood vessels in and leading to your kidneys are damaged or blocked

  • Vision problems: The delicate blood vessels that supply blood to your eyes are damaged or compromised

  • Erectile dysfunction in men: Limited blood flow can block blood from flowing to the penis

How do you treat hypertension?

MedNorth Urgent Care can successfully lower blood pressure levels through a variety of methods. Dr. Hill and Dr. Rundle always work closely with each patient to help them understand their condition and how to manage it well at home.

Some people can reduce their blood pressure through medications, while others can make simple lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and working with a doctor to establish the right course of treatment is important for long-term success.

Lower your blood pressure levels

High blood pressure can lead to very serious complications, like heart disease or stroke, if it isn’t treated or managed properly. Partnering with trusted healthcare providers like those at MedNorth Urgent Care is an essential part of ensuring your blood pressure levels are under control. Contact a member of our trusted team to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shane Hill and Dr. Scott Rundle. We are proud to have helped many individuals in Kalispell, MT with hypertension.

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